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You’ve purchased your new home, and now comes the exciting part of moving in and making it yours. Whether you need to refurnish your whole place, or just need a piece or two to complete your décor, these pages are designed to help you identify your needs and to simplify the shopping process. Our team at the Coquitlam and Vancouver stores are also more than happy to assist you in choosing colours, styles or dimensions for your new space.

Included are:
• Key things to keep in mind when planning out your new space
• A shopping checklist ‘cheat sheet’
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Planning your Space

Physical Restrictions
E.g. window above, doorways or alcoves which may dictate size of furniture pieces, traffic flow will also play a factor in what you can fit in your space.

Relation to the rest of the room and the other existing pieces is important in creating a well put together space. If you aren’t sure what will fit, take measurements, make a template from newspaper, and place on the floor. This will often help you to decide on the maximum size pieces that your room will absorb without overcrowding or impeding traffic.

Colour Scheme
• Floor, Walls, Art and Accessories either current or future will all play a role in bringing together your décor.
• Will you be changing mantles/trim/transitions?
• It is always helpful to have swatches or flooring samples when choosing your furniture.

Is the lighting natural or dependant on lighting fixtures?

Ceiling height and accessibility
E.g. does your condo have an 11 ft ceiling height but furniture needs to be brought in via a 7 ft high elevator?

Defining your Style
• Do you prefer Traditional, Transitional, Modern, or Eclectic?
• What is the current space like?
• Are you looking to emphasize or to change what is already there?
• Creating a ‘sample’ or ‘story’ board of looks and colour schemes and textures or materials that you like, are often a great way to define what it is that you want to create.


Identifying your Lifestyle

• Does it need to be multi functional, e.g. server/bar, ottoman/coffee table, sofa/hide-a-bed?
• Will you be downsizing in the future or do you have a growing family?

Do you have children, pets, or will this be used mainly just by you?

Green/Eco friendly
• Is it important for you to keep your carbon footprint small, and therefore prefer locally made products?
• Are you wary of toxins, and thus prefer furniture made with low VOC stains and lacquers and natural fabrics?


Deciding on your Budget

• Will this be an item which you are planning to get long term use from?
• Is this a piece that will fill a temporary need, e.g. children’s furniture, and therefore will need to be lower cost?

Is workmanship and quality important to you in regards to this item?

Are you looking for something unique to fit a very specific space, or is there something that you’ve always envisioned, but have never been able to find? We can help you to design a piece to fit your space perfectly.

Use this tool to help identify your needs: shopping checklist ‘cheat sheet’