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In addition to carrying a number of lines by large Canadian furniture manufacturers, we also have some in-house designed lines. These lines are for the most part made for us by smaller custom shops, and their advantage is that they can be fully customised to suit your needs.

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What happens when you take mid-century modern and give it a contemporary West Coast look? Our Tangent Line. Named specifically for the design tangent we took, in looking for ways to create something familiar, yet totally fresh.

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The clean spare design aesthetic with its slight asymmetry evokes some of the Pacific Rims’ Asian influences. This Tangent Furniture Line is created by us and is handcrafted to fit your home.

The uncluttered look is complimented by the use of cut out scalloped pulls instead of metal hardware, and the generously sized drawers that are flush to the supports. Additionally there is a selection of stains to ensure that pieces perfectly suit your décor. Reflective of the superior construction of this line, it is built in solid western maple and all drawers have dovetail joints for strength and full extension glides that enable the drawers to completely extend out.

To ensure that this collection meets your needs the Tangent pieces are all available in a wide range of configurations and sizes including condo sizes. Within this line, we also have the Versa series, which is slightly smaller in scale and lighter in look; ideal for condo living.

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Tangent condo furniture design line


Boxwood solid wood furniture design line

Influenced by a more traditional Craftsman style, this line is built in solid Western Maple or Rift cut White Oak. With symmetry as the basis for the design, it has great appeal to those who like things to be orderly and organized. The strong clean lines of the Boxwood design are enhanced by the 5/4” thick solid wood tops, substantial posts, and brushed nickel hardware.

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Additionally there is a selection of stains to ensure that pieces suit your décor. Reflective of the superior construction of this line, all drawers are made from solid wood with dovetail joints and full extension glides that enable the drawer to completely extend out.

To ensure that this collection meets your needs Boxwood is available in a wide range of both ‘Condo’ and regular sizes for every room. For example we have over 30 different standard sizes and configurations for our Boxwood Dining Table. Our collection encompasses pieces for your Dining Room, Living Room and Bedroom, made of solid Maple with a choice of 12 different stains.

All drawers are made from solid wood, using dovetail joints, and have full extension glides which enable the drawer to be pulled out completely. All drawers come stained inside (unless being used for clothing).

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The initial inspiration for our designs is often derived by something which makes us think ‘outside of the box’ like Seattle’s Chihuly Glass Garden, or a trip to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesen West.

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As it happens, our inspiration is frequently derived locally such as with the Chesterman Collection. This design was conceived while reminiscing over one of our favourite spots: Tofino on Vancouver Island, and an especially great evening involving dinner at the Pointe Restaurant after a long stroll on Chesterman Beach.

What we saw and experienced there is reflected in the sturdy construction, rugged profile and refined maple grain. The long low lines bring to mind the rustic styled architecture quite often seen along this windy remote area. Just as the Wickanninish Inn is the embodiment of a uniquely west coast concept of rough-hewn luxury, the beautiful finish, clean mitred corners and soft close glides elevate the Chesterman’s design.

In addition, as with all of our pieces, practicality is paramount, therefore the Chesterman table has a large self-storing leaf; on the other pieces, the drawers are as wide and deep as possible to maximize efficiency and where applicable there is a shelf for added display or storage.

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Chesterman contemporary furniture line


Muse custom design solid wood condo furniture

This loose collection of one off designs is the result of seeing or experiencing something which ends up translated into a single unique piece. This is our ‘fun’ collection, designs for the sake of designing versus trying to interpret a single design theme into a full line of furniture for the whole home.

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A great example of this is our Barcelona desk. Following a trip to Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona, we were playing how to incorporate the organic elements, the tall tree like interior columns and interesting angles into a piece of furniture. This charming light and highly functional desk was the result.

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