ContemporaryCanadian MadeSolid Wood Furniture

Why Solid Wood & built to Order?

Our solid wood furniture is built from North American tree varietals, which are a renewable resource. The advantage of solid wood is that it is lower in VOCs, it is more durable than veneered MDF and can be repaired and refinished if marred or damaged. Our furniture is built to last, and will not need to be replaced after a couple of years, it can be passed on and cherished unlike ‘disposable furniture’ which will end up in a landfill.

There have also been a number of studies in Canada and Europe which reveal that people relax when they are surrounded by natural material such as real wood, and that there is a distinct calming of the nervous system. The result of which is lowered blood pressure and stress levels. Having these natural elements incorporated into your surroundings can also result in greater focus and creativity. In a purely physical sense, the structure of wood can also help to absorb sound, thus reducing ambient noise.

Our furniture is exclusively built to order this allows the pieces to be personalized in a stain colour that will best fit your style and space. Additionally it means that we are not holding container loads of inventory that may never be sold and which end up as waste in a retail cycle. The pieces are made by Canadian craftsmen, which not only benefits employment in Canada, but it also means that the furniture has a smaller environmental footprint. We are not bringing 100 dressers, from thousands of kilometers away. We are having 1 dresser made just for you.

Solid Poplar Queue Short Bookcase in a Whistler home