ContemporaryCanadian MadeSolid Wood Furniture

Uchino Towels


Guaze and Pile Towel

Dyed Organic
Available in:
Bath and hand towel
Dyed in Coffee, Wine and Tea

Horizontal ridge pile

Available in:
Bath Towel and Hand Towel
Colours: White


Japanese Fine Pattern

Available in:
Bath towel, Hand towel and Wash cloth
Patterns: Stone, Stripes, Shark and Hishi

Air Waffle

Available in:
Bath towel and Hand towel
Colours: Grey and Pink


CL Zero Twist Guaze Do

Available in:
Wide Bath towel,Bath towel and hand towel
Colours: White and Grey

Charcoal Fibre RIN

Available in:
Bath and Hand towel
Colours: Grey


Premiere Bathmat

Available in:
Colours: Grey and Beige

Charcoal Kishu Binchotan

Available in:
Bath and Hand Towel
Colours: Black and Light Grey