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Tokyo Eco House and Building Expo 2015

Posted on May 7, 2015

We were very fortunate to have attended the Tokyo ECO HOUSE & ECO BUILDING EXPO held at the Big Sight convention centre in February this year.


There were over 1,500 exhibitors from over 31 countries, the majority of whom were promoting alternate energy sources such as solar panels and small wind turbine generators. Currently in Japan the electricity is supplied by 10 major players: utility companies which have regional monopolies on the generation, transmission and distribution of Japan’s power supply. As a result of the Fukushima disaster, there has been an implementation of a 3 stage reform program.

The upcoming second stage of the reform is scheduled to put an end to the established monopolies; it will allow consumers to ‘shop’ and choose their energy providers. The full liberalisation of the market is set to take place in 2016.
Aside from the energy focus, there were also some great products being exhibited, such as heated Tatami beds which used a form of water filled built in ‘radiator’.


A moss product which can be used as wall d├ęcor or even as visually interesting added insulation. It requires no maintenance and no watering; and ideal way to add more texture to a room.


And from Latvia a line of natural oil base stains which can be used not only for siding, but also for children’s toys and for cooking utensils as it is certified food safe.

It will be very interesting to see the changes regarding energy that will be happening in Japan over the next few years.