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IDS West

Posted on October 19, 2014

This year we were again able to take part in the IDS West Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre. It was a hectic but fun filled four days of meeting designer, contractors, design students, other exhibitors and many many design aficionados.


new Logo       At the show we formally “introduced” our new Logo

IDS booth

and showcased some of our newer pieces such as the Chesterman bed with under bed storage and our Barcelona desk.



Chesterman bed2


We also had a wide variety of our award winning Koncept Lights, including the protoype of the new Mosso Pro lamp with a built in occupancy senser

Mosso base and a USB charger in the base Mosso Pro


There were so many really amazing exhibitors such as the San Francisco based Varian designs with a couple of Forest Dickey’s beautifully sculptural desks and chairs.

Varian chairs DSC01629 (967x1280)


The ever irreverent Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs had a fleet of his newest caravan inspired pet ‘abodes’.



Mobile homesfor the puppy on the go


We were also so excited to find that Cocoa West was there to supply our endless need for their Unbelievably Good Truffle Eggs (that’s not our moniker, that’s what they’re actually called)…there is no better fix for an afternoon energy slump.


Cocoa West