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Coquitlam Sale: Sofas and other Upholstery – July 2018 Sale!

Get a locally crafted sofa with a 25 year warranty for under $1,000!

Bronx Sofa by Stylus

As shown: 98″w x 41″d x 35″h
Fabric: Lush Taupe
Sale Price:15% Off

Bosley Loveseat by VanGogh

As shown: 69″w x 37.5″d x 28″h
(with feather wrap seat & back cushion)
Fabric: Luxe Sapphire
Sale Price:35% Off

Zeal Condo Sofa by Stylus

As shown: 75″w x 36″d x 35″h
Fabric: Warren Shale
Sale Price:25% Off


Lyric Condo Sofa by Stylus

As shown: 72″w x 39″d x 37″h
Fabric: Klein Black
Sale Price: 25% Off

Block Sofa by Stylus

As shown: 80″w x 42″d x 34″h
Fabric: Jitterbug Linen
Sale Price: 25% Off

Rags Sofa by Stylus

As shown: 81″w x 42″d x 33″h
Fabric: Zuma Navy
Sale Price: 35% Off


Aldo Apartment Sofa by Stylus

As shown: 68″w x 34″d x 36″h
Fabric: Juno Grey
Sale Price: 20% Off

Haro Condo Sofa and Armchair by Stylus

As shown: Sofa – 72″l x 39″d x 37″h
Armchair – 34″w x 39’d x 37″h
Fabric: Notion Ironside
Sofa – $1,310 Armchair – $1,015
Buy either for 20% off, or both for 25% off

Ward Sofa by Stylus

As shown: 81″w x 37″d x 35″h
Fabric: Wheatfield Oatmeal
Sale Price: 25% Off


Hale Double Sofabed by Stylus

As shown: 71″w x 36″d x 36″h
Fabric: Element Timberland
Sale Price: 20% Off

Toby Chaise by Vangogh

As shown: 60″l x 35″h x 30″d
Fabric: Harris Mist
Sale Price: 25% Off


Whirl Chair and ottoman by Stylus

As shown: Swivel Chair 55″w x 43″d x 36″h
Ottoman 38″w x 29″d x 18″h
Fabric: Vibe Nocturnal
$Chair $1380 ottoman $625
Sale Price: 20% Off


Noah Swivel Chair by VanGogh

Fabric: Kingston Onyx
Sale Price: 20% Off

Lucy Swivel / Glider Armchair by Stylus

As shown: 34″w x 33″d x 31″h
Fabric: Socorro Oatmeal
Sale Price:25% Off

Madrid Swivel Armchair from VanGogh

Fabric: Malcolm Marine
Sale Price:30% Off


Tarantino Armchair by VanGogh

Fabric: Kingston Haze
Sale Price: 30% Off

Envy Lounge Chair by Trica

Fabric: Shimmer Steel
Metal: Taupe Finish
Sale Price: 30% Off

Link Armchair by Stylus

As shown: 30″w x 34″d x 41″h
Fabric: Creole Turquoise
Sale Price: 30% Off

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