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IDS 2018

IDS 2018  (January 18-21) This is the first time we had attended the Toronto IDS, now in its 20th year.  It is both bigger and brighter than the Vancouver IDS West which takes place in the Fall. For those of you familiar with the Vancouver show, the Toronto venue is much brighter with natural light, and a contrast to the more “Moody” setting in the Vancouver Convention Centre. The advantage was that it was all the better for viewing the furniture and displays properly. We were pleasantly surprised by the very strong focus on Canadian made product with some interesting…[READ MORE]

What do you have that’s a durable fabric for a sofa?

One of the ways in which fabric durability is quantified, is by its “Double Rub Count”. This is a measure of how much wear and tear a fabric can take from sliding over it, such as sliding onto your sofa. The way that this is done, is by performing an abrasion test where a piece of canvas is rubbed back and forth over the fabric until the slightest bit of wear is noticeable. One “Back-and-Forth” is One Double Rub. Usually the fabrics used for sofas have Double Rub Counts that range from 15,000 to 100,000. Manmade fibres, such as polyester…[READ MORE]